Do meteoritic (or other) PAHs produce labile pools of potentially bioactive quinones in prebiotic planetary environments?

Can supercritical fluids facilitate oxidation of meteoritic PAHs to potentially bioactive compounds in prebiotic environments? 


Can phospholipids arise from interactions between meteorite minerals and hydrothermal environments and self-assemble into primitive cell membranes? 

What is the nature of the volatilome of contaminated 

sewage biosolids land-applied in the temperate rainforests of the US Pacific Northwest? 

What is the nature of the volatilome of decaying cohabitant insects and how much do these contribute to the VOC budgets of human habitations?

What is the nature of the volatilome in deep underground environments like the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

What is the nature of the volatilome and microbiome of preserved foodstuffs sealed since the early 20th Century?

How are potentially toxic chemical additives distributed in thermal cash register receipts and what are the risks to human and environmental health?