Welcome to the Gaylor Lab! Highly interdisciplinary scientific geeking is our business and business is good!

Undergraduate research in the Gaylor Lab is focused broadly in the areas of Environmental-, Analytical-, and Prebiotic-Chemistry and Ecotoxicology. Recent student projects include

  • Characterizing kinetics of mineral-catalyzed conversion of solar system polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to biologically important quinones in simulated prebiotic planetary environments.

  • Modeling the potential for self-assembly of plausible reduced phospholipids in prebiotic environments.

  • Assessing microplastics and associated additive impacts in terrestrial ecosystems.

  • Characterizing toxic additives in thermal paper products.

  • Characterizing VOC emissions in/by land-applied biosolids, harmful algal blooms, deep underground environments, house plants (relative to uptake of airborne contaminants), cohabitant insects ingesting consumer plastics (as possible indicators of toxicity/disease), decomposing cohabitant insects (and assessment of associated risks to human spaces), alfalfa seeds (as indicators of edible quality), and livestock (as potential indicators of disease and to assess contributions to greenhouse gas budgets).

  • Developing supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) methods for determining environmental contaminants and for exploring chemical reactions relevant to origins of life.

  • Characterizing chemical & microbial constituents of rare historical foods.

  • Characterizing diterpene synthesis in genetically modified cyanobacteria.

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